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“Like stabs of lightning in a pitch black sky, Kiana Kleemm’s flashing words illuminate the vast, secret landscape of the heart and shake our souls awake with fierce passion and childlike joy. At once innocent and knowing, hopeful and heart-rending, this collection of poems is a life-affirming celebration of both the human spirit and the liberating fires of imagination.”

____Leo O’Sullivan  (Screenwriter, Script Doctor, Former Script Consultant for Al Pacino, Michael Man and Andrew Niccol, NY/LA)

“Bold yet layered on diverse impacting ideas. Positively colorful Poetry”.

___Chadwick Struck (Producer/CD, Los Angeles)

“With Kiana’s words, you somehow know she is not just speaking to a God or sending a message for guidance. It runs deeper where there is a longing for something lost. A love that is so intense that lives in the essence of her and defines how she navigates the world and the beauty, pain and wonder she shows. Kiana has opened up a part of the soul that not many can do and this debut collection is a great advert for the adventure of life”

___George Lamptey (Actor/Poet, London)

“When I read Kiana’s poetic writing, I am gently transported into an elsewhere that enchants and delights. She captures a wayward thought and expresses it with taste and exuberance.”

___Arthur W Lake (Togwells Publishing, UK, Canada)

" The book is a collection of poems based on various topics. The cover is black, giving the book an extremely elegant appearance. I was apprehensive about reviewing this book as everyone has their own distinctive taste in poetry and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

However, the book is extremely entertaining. The verses are not based on any particular theme but cover several topics like death, chocolate, the little joys of life and of course love. The poems are all thoroughly enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed the dedications at the beginning of the book as they were certainly quirky!
If you are looking for a breezy read, and if you enjoy reading verse, I will certainly recommend this book to you.

____Meghasi Bhatt (Book Reviewer)

“Kiana Kleemm presents the reader with a delightful rainbow kaleidoscope of poetry, each with it’s own unique tone and mood, she examines life’s great mysteries; love, ambition, doubt, conflict, family and death. Each poem is a deeply personal take on subjects that each of us consider, a treasure of sensitive and delicate observations, rich with enchantment, magic, cheer, laughter, and joy.”

___Peter Banning(English Literature Professor, Australia)

“Poetry is like our whisper to nature’s ears. Its language of inner soul and sentiments. Kiana’s poems have blazing flames of burning volcano and abyss of the deep blue sea together. She has an art of turning experiences to expressions and expression to a fresh experience for a reader. He poems has blossom of youth, the ecstasy of desire, a cry of sorrow and joy of being. Her words emotionally capture darkness came from humid mountain cave and sunshine breeze of first rain at the same time. As a woman who has journeyed on her own, she has a sensitive perspective for art and life. Passion and pain, pleasure and peace – all one can find in her creations. As an author of my language, I welcome this talent to the global galaxy of creators. Keep sparkling and soaring high Kiana!”

___Jay Vasavada (Author, Speaker, Traveler & Lifelover)

"A beautiful set of poetries by a very young soulful mind. Each poem takes you to a different dimension. These poems are as deep and mindful as easy to recite. Kudos to the creative imagination of the poet."

____Vivaan Modi

“WONDERFUL PRISM OF EXPRESSIVE COLOURS Kiana’s poetry, each in a different mood and class, passes through the prism of thought processes as an individual idea and beautifully brings out the 7 elements and colors of integrity, intimacy, absolute honesty, objectivity, vivid visual expressions, rhythmic crescendos and above all, the exploration of inner self and the universe. Fantastic work! Keep exploring Kiana’s work.”

___Dakshesh Pathak (Sr. Journalist, Gujarat Samachar)

" The book is a collection of poems based on various topics. “Kiana’s poems will speak directly to many. They offer a voice for what is often difficult to express.”

________Julie Tharp (Professor,University of Wisconsin

Sensitive, sensuous yet candidly soulful !

"With her maverick yet mind-provoking collection of poems book titled 'I Kiss You Blue' the multi-talented beautiful Poetess-Artist KIANA Kleemm hijacks You into a candid lyrical journey. That ranges from rattling stark reality ('"I Love Death" ) to subtle erotica ( 'Consumption' and "Between A Man and A Woman" ) . And from taking a sardonic dig at superficial social hypocrisy ( "Champagne Socialist" ) to daringly censuring the brazen titillation so rampant in Bollywood ( "I Wanna Talk Dirty" ) . Overall, the eloquent poems are more like a vibrant colourful rainbow---you connect with the colour/s that fascinate/s you or enjoy All the shades. # Looking forward to Your next collection ---KIANA !"

____Chaitanya Padukone (Journalist, Mumbai)

POETRY FROM DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE, small poems are really thought-provoking. There is a lot of variation in the content. All pictures are tricky, smartly drawn and correlated. A new, emerging, dynamic poet Kiana Kleemm.

_____Dr. Palak Mehta(Pain Specialist)

A Sweet Experience

"Kiana's poems have had a positive effect on me in surprising ways. They transport me to new levels of consciousness and feelings in beautiful ways. Many of the poems have a delightful sweetness while others have powerful social criticism where you feel the author's soul. Some are sensuous and and some are sexual, many illustrating a hope for pure love, which I think Kiana believes exist. Her voice resonates in her works. Reading her work is a sweet experience which gracefully provokes more thought and feeling in me when I read them."

_____Jeffery Williams. (Actor, NY)

Wide Spectrum Vision

“Poetry 360-degree thinking reflection throughout the whole presentation in the book. Balanced Global Emotions picturized in words by the poet. 

____Dr.Dipak Joshi (Physician, India)

A Hidden Rose within that 'Rosebud"

"Refreshing, meaningful playful poetries that on side captures little joy of everyday life and on the other hand it nicely encapsulates the human emotions. Cherish the light touch word play, 'I kiss you blue' and 'I miss me' .... Engulf into play 'between man and woman' with unspoken promise... Dive into social dilemma around war, victory life and death leaving you with thought of an 'unborn'. I truly recommend this book."

___Brij S. (CA,London)

An Easy but Deep Read

"I found the book "I Kiss You Blue" very easy to understand with great depth. Poetry can be sometimes complicated and if one is not an advance reader, it can be hard to get the meanings. But the simplicity in the poet's words and authenticity of feeling shine throughout the book and keep us engaged. A great read!"

____Nimesh P.

"Awesome and heart touching poems must surely read."

___Hemakshi T.

Wonderful Play of Words

"The poetess has the knack of portraying feelings and thoughts in the most easiest manner possible. No jargons, no fancy words. Just what she truly felt.
Each poem was a different experience and each one of us must have had these experiences in our lives. Reliving the experiences was a walk through the memory lane. Such an amazing blend of classy and sassy. Loved it!"

____Arpita Das

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