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"Never be afraid to be different and do not fit in. Because, those who get you will be just a few, and those few will make your world delicious."  ___Kiana Kleemm

Kiana Kleemm is a creative writer, actor, screenwriter, and poet with tremendous drive and passion.  She currently gets commissioned to develop screenplays and write content mainly from the US and Europe. She also works on rewrites, editing, and treatments and is open to audition for suitable acting opportunities.

Her creative career started in London, where she worked in various short films, commercials, a feature, and theatre. Juggling between her previous career as a pharmacist and new creative careers, she started writing poetry.​ Kiana has an incredible talent for imagery poetry. Her poetry book is published under the title "I Kiss You Blue". Kiana gets her inspiration from observations, experiences, movies, or books. She paints various shades of life with her words in her poetry. You can taste her crisp poems in 'I Kiss You Blue.' 

Apart from performing arts and writing, she loves to paint and bake.

She wishes to learn to play her favorite tune on the piano before dying. (:


For any of the services,  you can reach out to her on kianakleemm@gmail.com

OR you can contact her here.


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